Resident & Community Landscape

Lawn and Shrub Care

A healthy and well maintained lawn is the key to a beautiful home. Our lawn care team specializes in more than just cutting grass. A combination of high quality equipment and experienced personnel, allows RLG to achieve a sculpted look for your yard. RLG is able to turn your lawn into a place to enjoy with friends and family.

Irrigation Repair

Ridgewood lake Gardens is committed to insuring your lawn's irrigation system works properly. A faulty system can cause increased water bills and lead to problems for a lawn down the road. A yard that is receiving too little or too much water due to faulty irrigation can eventually result in an unhealthy lawn. RLG is able to check, maintain and repair residential irrigation with expertise, allowing a yard to get back to its healthy roots. 

Pest Control

Year after year, pests and insects cause damage to yards all over Florida. RLG professionals can recognize pest infestations in lawns, then, using our knowledge of pest control, we implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tailored program, specifically for the infestation. We also provide preventative pest control measures by our licensed personnel to ensure the lawns we take care of stay healthy. 

Mulch Replacement

 Beside the decorative value of mulch, it offers many benefits to soil and plant material. Mulch can reduce the water loss that occurs through natural evaporation, especially in the Florida heat. Mulch also benefits many of the organisms naturally found in soil that help increase positive plant activity. RLG can install mulch around plant beds, trees, and other areas of the yard that benefit from Mulch coverage. 


Palm and Tree Trimming

 Ridgewood Lake Gardens also can service the trees and Palm trees located on your property. Utilizing our experience in growing trees, RLG has mastered the art of making Palm trees and a large other variety of trees healthy and vibrant. We are able to cut Palm trees in a variety of styles, from Pineapple cuts to Diamond cuts. RLG can service your Palms and trees, both big and small.